Kopaonik Business Forum March 2022.

Kopaonik Business Forum 2022 gathered renowned experts and eminent names of the domestic and regional economic, scientific, and political scene.
The central theme of this year’s gathering was Serbia 2030: Sustainable Development Agenda. Three plenary sessions, three special events, and 33 panels were held while three special guests addressed the gathering.

Aleksandar Vlahovic, the president of Savez ekonomista Srbije (Alliance of Economists of Serbia) and the president of the Program Committee of the KBF, introduced the Forum. At the very beginning of the Forum, participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the opinions of leading academics and economic analysts of international financial institutions in regards to macro-economic prognosis for countries of the West Balkans as well as the results of economic politics in Serbia in 2021.

The second day of the Forum was dedicated to monetary and fiscal policies as well as limitations identified for achieving long-term sustainable development.

On the third day of the Forum, we discussed a “Green” transition, environmental protection, improving work conditions, education, the digitalization of public administration, artificial intelligence, as well as the conditions in certain economic sectors.

On the fourth day of the Forum, there was talk of sustainable development from the youth’s perspective as well as the impact of digitalization on the renaissance of the health system. As per the tradition, Mrs. Ana Branbic, Prime Minister of the government of Serbia, addressed the participants at the end of the Forum.

A total of 180 panelists participated in the Forum’s program. Special attention was directed to the presence of Mrs. Jorgovanka Tabakovic, governor of NBS (National bank of Serbia), Sinisa Mali, Minister of Finance, as well as the rest of the ministers from the economic sector of the Government. A special guest of the Forum was Mr. Carlos Alvarez Pereira, the vice president of the Club of Rome as well as Mr. Jan Martijn Kees, chief of mission of the International Monetary Fund for Serbia.

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