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  • PhD Uroš Mladenović, psychologist
  • PhD  Ratko Dunđerović, psychologist

Narodna Knjiga, Belgrade

The power of the mind


How to enable your unconscious mind to direct its power towards successful living.

Narodna Knjiga, Belgrade

In her book, the author, who is a doctor of psychology, doesn’t speak about difficult-to-understand scientific principles of psychology. She enables you to approach modern psychology through the evolution of self-psychology, the biggest achievement in a successful life.

You will find out:

How to use powerful impulses of the subconscious mind to make your life more successful, to make your dream come true and to become what you want to be;

How to train and  program your subconscious mind to be a powerful element of your personality, a deep reserve of energy, and the power to encourage you to fight against unhappiness and discouragement;

How your ideal in the subconscious mind can help you achieve your goal;

How to coordinate the conscious and subconscious mind, to develop willpower, and to become a person who never gives up on their dreams.


Raising Awareness of the Importance of Early Recognition of Psychopaths

Area: Psychopathy

Novosadski kulturno-obrazovni krug
Novi Sad, 2021

Book Review Excerpts:

Antisocial personality disorder or informally, psychopathy or narcissism in its essence, represents a variety of different mental and emotional disorders manifested in its specific, toxic, and destructive relationship towards others in their surroundings. The danger is present everywhere because these disorders are all around us, unrecognizable due to being common, and unpredictable too. Therefore, Dragana Rakin, the author, shows the readers exactly what this type of personality is when completely stripped and when covered in a facade through her book The Facade of Normality. The author also leads us through various possible situations in which we may encounter such personalities, warning us that we can very easily become their victims, and showing us how to resist these challenges through recognition and reaction.

PERIĆ SANDRA, forensic expert, police major
Ministry of Interior, Criminal Police Administration.

Readers are introduced to the world of understanding manipulation which is the first and foremost characteristic of a psychopath. It helps us understand in what ways we can be drawn into a game which always seems very appealing at first, giving us exactly what we need at the moment. Understanding the pathology that hides beneath the “facade of normality” helps us recognize it and protect ourselves in various aspects of life.

NATAŠA OPARNICA VRAČAR, MA clinical psychologist
Gestalt psychotherapist under supervision.

The new book by Dragana Rakin, The Facade of Normality, gives us an insight into the problem of psychopathy and the various forms of manipulation we encounter daily. The function of this extensive and detailed study is to teach us and warn us, and that is its greatest value. All in all, The Facade of Normality by Dragana Rakin is a proper example of a useful book that helps us recognize inadequate models of behavior and avoid harmful consequences for our lives and mental health.

editor of Novosadski kulturno-obrazovni krug.

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