ISO 37001 – Anti – Bribery Management Systems

In Mona hotel, Zlatibor, an ISO 37001:2016 seminar is held regarding the Anti-Corruption System management. Dragana Rakin, founder, and executive of Prudent Agency took part in the seminar.

Corruption is one of the basic elements of poor social quality (from finances to all forms of life and work), and as such, it must be analyzed, discovered, and reduced to a minimum.

The ISO 37001 standard aims towards fighting against corruption and minimizing it. ISO 37001:2016 is based on prevention and organization. Fighting against corruption requires a system, organization, mechanisms, and education. Fight against corruption is not a fight against people, spying, and chicanery. The corruption that is officially proven can be sanctioned only by the state. ISO 37001:2016 is a component of compliance firm.

The goal of participation was to improve and increase the knowledge of major system processes of the fight against bribery (ABMS) and to understand:

  • Terms, approaches, methods, and techniques used for the implementation of the anti-bribery
  • Basic elements of the anti-bribery system (ABMS).
  • The importance of anti-bribery system and the advantages that organizations, the society, and governments can get.

Prudent Agency’s interest in participating in the ISO37001:2016 Anti-Corruption Management System seminar is in the following:

  • Cooperation with the authorities in the fight against corruption and reducing the presence of corruption.
  • Benefits in getting projects, better cooperation with financers and banks, an easier approach within international cooperation.
  • Creating a better image and earning the trust of all interested parties.
  • Achieving the organization’s goals more easily.

Fight against corruption is the fight for a higher quality of the society, anywhere, anytime, and on any level.

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